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Les Yeux Ouverts in Shanghai

The Centre Pompidou’s Fabrica: les yeux ouverts exhibition goes to China following an invitation by the Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation.
The exhibition will be open until November 11 at the Shanghai Art Museum as part of the Shanghai eArts Festival.
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What happened in Pompidou?

Almost everyone is back from the Pompidou. The noise has returned. The stories are starting to spill out …but not as quickly as they normally do here. In fact, I know almost nothing about what happened in Paris aside from some jumping into rivers. I’m trying to piece it together through photos, but it doesn’t help much. The ones on the FLICKR banner are all so museumy.
Anyhow, here are a few exclusive and choice photos from the official backstage and frontstage Pompidou photograhper, our dear Reed Young. I don’t know the stories behind them though. Please share them here!!!

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Pompidou at Fabrica

While everybody is in Paris, we – the left over of Fabrica – had our own exhibition yesterday. ‘Fabrica: Les Yeux Fermé’ is featuring important artwork by Fabrica students from all parts of the world. Most of the displayed artwork refers to highly relevant social issues.

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Andy at Pompidou


Ready for Paris II


To understand the french mentality is not always easy. Maybe the work of this young artist from Toronto, Canada, will help you to get their timbre.

live from fabrica

Guillermo asked me to post this short interviews. They have been made for the Pompidou exhibition:
Marian Grabmayer about working on Wanted Creativity
Andy Rementer about social oriented projects
Yianni Hill about social comments
Pia Knight about working on cultural projects
Special Feature: Hansi Raber about the Tuned Stairs

Ready for Paris I

Just in front of the Centre Pompidou you will see a strange and noisy water installation. It’s called the Strawinski Fountain, created by swiss artist Jean Tinguely (1925 – 1991) and his french wife Niki de Saint Phalle (1930 – 2002). The 16 moving and water spitting units refer to important compositions by Igor Stravinsky.
Tinguely is known for his mechanical and dark constructions, while Niki creates colorful and female sculptures. The Strawinski Fountain in front of the Centre Pompidou is one of their most important works.

first sight

Oriol transmitted the first images from Paris…
By the way that’s the 1000th entry on this blog… I wish Ann could be here now 😉

Fabrica at Pompidou. Going to Paris. Day 9

We mentioned the Colors Notebook project; however we did not deliver the images. Now is your turn to have a sneak peak to the project organized by Colors. The notebooks will be at the Centre Pompidou where the visitors to FABRICA: Les Yeux Ouverts at the Pompidou Centre will be able to see all of the notebooks there.
The filming is for a short film that will be presented there, a documentation of the traveling around the world. These are a preview of what’s to come.
Natalie showing a Notebook to the camera…
and an instant later, Natalie is showing a Notebook to us.

Fabrica at Pompidou. Going to Paris. Day 8

So this thing of voting pictures is becoming bigger. No it’s not only Ashley who’s asking for democratic votes, but two more photographers, Olivia and Philipp, are following the example… It’s actually a very interesting process, because our taste seem to be so different: I’ve just had a conversation about the selection, with our soccer star Yianni Hill (please look at V as Victory …), and we were both noticing how tough is hoosing only five opictures to vote out of so many nice shot…
I’ve already talk to you about Olivia’s work and now I had a chance of giving a look to Philipp Ebeling‘s work about Climate. The focus of his project his investigating the change of weather and environment as a consequence of human developement. To look at this from the best prospective, Pilipp spent few months in the place hat’s nowdays the symbol of fast ad disordered developement: China. I wish I had some picture of the pictures to show you… well, you know you just have to make a move to Paris to see them…

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