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Fantasy Cartography

Fantasy Maps offers you a whole new world. One that in the past you could only imagine: a collection of maps from various fantasy and science fiction works for your viewing.
From literature, the Bible, television programs, movies to video games. From Atlantis, Lost, Star Wars to Flash Gordon’s Mongo, there are many worlds ready to be to explored!

Journeys of Franz Kafka

Photographer Jan Jindra presents eminent Franz Kafka from a very different perspective. With beautiful black and white photography, he takes us to the writer’s journeys around Europe; his steps, his travels, what he saw, what inspired him.
The photographs are completed with details of Kafka’s relationship with the places, which creates a stronger connection between his life, his unique body of writing and our personal perspective about him. Fascinating!

Countries and their logos

With the aim to have an identity, countries also have their own logos.
Putting together symbols, colors and typography to represent a whole nation is probably one of the hardest tasks for a designer. See a collection here.

Between The Lines

“A Jalousie (French for jealousy) is a window that one can see through but not be seen; barriers that allow us to observe the world without being invited to the table.”
Humboldt, Between The Lines is an editorial project for “Urban Jealousy,” theme of the First International Roaming Biennial of Tehran and I am absolutely in love with it.

Bring back Pilkington!

Fans of the Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington podcast, don’t stand idly by waiting for the podcast come back on its own. Do something about it and go to this blog and download the poster above, post it and do your part to bring back the record setting show!

Politics of Fear

It’s a somber day at Fabrica, as we mourn Berlusconi’s re-election, and the rise in popularity of the Lega Nord (The Northern League) in the region.
Election Posters.jpg
A selection of election posters, as seen in Treviso.
Pay particular attention to:
Upper Right:
They [Native Americans] couldn’t make immigration laws.
Now they live in reserves.
Think about it.
Lower Left:
Defend Your Future: Keep Out The Refugees
Vote Lega Nord
If you want more despair, check out this excerpt from a recent Guardian article “Politics of Fear“:
And in Treviso, a League councillor recently told a session of the council: “With immigrants, we should use the same system the SS used, punishing 10 of them for every slight against one of our citizens.”
The mayor of Treviso, also of the League, once said: “We ought to dress [immigrants] like lepers to go ‘bang, bang, bang’ with a rifle.” The League’s election poster showed three white sheep kicking out a black one.

Shocking stuff.
Thanks to Scott for the finding the posters, and Piero for the translations.

The Graphic Imperative

Social posters are one of my biggest passions. They communicate, exhort, persuade, instruct, celebrate or warn. Their graphic message has the power to open our eyes, to make us think and perhaps to change our mind.
The Graphic Imperative is a compilation of 121 international posters for peace, social justice and environment, created during 1965 – 2005. It is also an iconic exhibition that travels mostly all around USA.
Here you will find the itinerary and here the inspiring posters.

Luggage Labels

The Golden Age of Travel occurred between 1890 and the outbreak of World War II. In this period, hotels abounded and the various modes of transport reached their glorious apogee. The labels, which were placed on luggage by railroads, steamships or hotels as advertising, beautifully capture the spirit of the era as small reproductions with vivid colours.
Click here to find a varied set of luggage label’s images, and here to read very interesting info in what is probably the first blog devoted to the art of luggage labels.

Vintage anti-drinking ads

From 1920 until 1933, alcohol sale, manufacture and transportation were banned throughout the United States.
‘Lips That Touch Liquor Shall Not Touch Ours’ was a political slogan used by the Anti-Saloon League, the leading prohibitionist organization, using, once again, the legal system to solve a social problem.
Here you can find (more comical than serious) vintage anti-drinking ads used during those -very scary- days.

Waitangi Day

Dawn at Waitangi, Bay of Islands, Aotearoa (New Zealand), this morning.

It’s Waitangi Day, and I’m homesick. I should be on holiday, soberly reflecting on the Treaty of Waitangi and the effects of colonisation. I should be signing petitions to change the flag and to get rid of the Queen. I wish I was listening to Poi-E, and drinking a beer, at the beach, in an act of low-key biculturalism.

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