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Welcome Lizy!

There we go! Lizy Cretney, interactive department’s sweetheart and multitasking graphic designer (also known as the woman who saved the blog) is also joining the blogshphere to make it stronger, better and greater.
Let’s give her a big thanks as well as a warm welcome!

Lizy Cretney has entered the building

What did you do before?
I lived in Berlin for a year, freelancing as a flash designer, spent three months backpacking around Europe, and before that I lived in Hiroshima and taught English – just for a change.
What do you do the most?
I like developing flash navigation systems, and animating by code.
Is Fabrica how you thought it would be?
It’s more creative than I thought, and less organised. The people are more down to earth than I ever imagined.
What do you expect from it?
I hope to free some of the ideas floating around in my head, and I expect to have a lot of fun.
What will you miss from New Zealand?
Fejoas (a fruit), gingernut biscuits and being the only person on a beach.
See her work at:

Space Chair by Toshiba

Update: Simon Faithfull did this way back in 2004. Thanks Lizy!

To promote its new line of TVs Toshiba trekked into the Black Rock Desert with a helium balloon. Watch the result:

Salute to Károl de Rueda

Károl, Fabrica’s adored and esteemed writer (and this blog’s darling), slipped out of the building last spring in the kind of impassioned, mysterious way typical of this mexican enigma. She continued writing for Fabrica from an undisclosed location on the great American continent. Recently, I persuaded her to write about her own experience here…this is what she had to say:
What was life like before Fabrica?
As usual, surprising and unpredictable.
I was freelancing graphic design in both Mexico and the US, as well as editing and writing about life and its mysterious ways. I was also learning, besides English, that life is way too short to stay still intimidated by your ideas and dreams.
What was life like at Fabrica?
Contradictory; painful, heartbreaking, frustrating, disappointing, but also fascinating, exhilarating, enriching, glorious. Life at Fabrica was full of that rare passion that turns the boredom of a customary life into the magical, the utopian and the extraordinary.
Did you learn anything during your time here?
In fact, everyday was a learning experience. I learned about Italian culture, falling in love with it. I learned about diversity, about fascinating cultures and recondite places, about sounds, ways of life and certainly about food.
And at the end, in a place that deliberately denies the worries of adulthood and offers you a unique mental freedom that undresses your true personality, I realized how much I learned about myself.
Most memorable moments?
Way too many! But I will never forget that beautiful three days birthday party (especially the Gargantua day!), also night talking with Julia and Nam, balcony sun enjoying with Lizy, dance awakening with Mike and Nic, eat traveling with Anto, canal walking alone. Dinners with Christianito’s parents, hot arguments with Nobu, ichating with Paolo, brujeando with Cosimo. So many moments! Beer with fries after football, cooking for everyone, the gelato nights, dinners in Venice, Italian cover bands (especially Guns ‘n Roses!), all the travels. And of course the bike rides, especially those when the city was sleeping. What a beautiful and peaceful place!
Most memorable people?
This is truly the best of Fabrica. The most important achievement of all is to share your life with the most amazing people and learn from them; all my lovely roommates including of course the queen of tiramisú, my dearest insanity man, my Celtic chick, the eternal lambada dancer, the exceptional photographer and the photographer who pretends to be a journalist, the designer with soul of philosopher, mis queridísimos culeros, el poeta cubano, the wise maker of Il Secolo Veloce, the amusing English characters, mr Bob Dylan, the brazilian heat, the patient snowboarding teacher, los camotes poblanos, the sweet bike sharer, the greatest Japanese impersonator, los boludos, the nonstop Austrian dancer, the Spanish energy, the amazing Indian spice, the original Australian sense of humor. The beautiful kiwi; the most wonderful and greater listener. And of course the formaggio ladies, who not matter what, where there for me five days a week.
I am taking all of them home with me.
Worst moments?
Even that is contradictory at Fabrica, because when you leave, you miss the pain of the bad days, but at the same time, you suffer thinking about the old wonderful times. It’s all good!
What advice would you have wanted before coming here?
Create without permission, collaborate with as many people as you can, share and find support to realize your projects, and don’t fall in love with inexpensive good wine; is a deeply painful break up….
Future plans?
Keep freelancing, keep learning, keep moving, keep dancing, keep listening.
Keep growing.
Any parting words?
Lets start getting ready for the First Former Fabricanti Reunion (definitely!) and of course, an enormous thanks to Mr Benetton, who believes in diversity, freedom and multiculturalism in the name of creativity.
¡Hasta siempre!
Károl, keep us posted….bestitos.

ars electronica 2008

Lizy and I are going to Ars Electronica this weekend. Ars Electronica is a festival established since 1979 that fosters experimentation and process-based art, and is a breeding ground for innovation and new ideas. Our boss, Andy Cameron, is one of the judges this year. The theme is ‘A New Cultural Economy’, and many of the artworks and seminars are based upon the subject of dissemination of information in a open knowledge-based society.
We will be meeting with other artists and hope that a couple of beers can serve as a catalyst for new vision and inspiration. We are artists as much as researchers, and Ars Electronica is a viable research tool that we will take advantage of while the opportunity is here. My personal goal? To have as much fun as Tilda Swinton.

Fabrica Features Fabricante

Some beautiful forms from Fabrica.
Fabricante and Fabrica Features products photographed together by Liz Hingley with designer Becka Citron.

Continue reading…

Michael Ciancio has left the building

No more lentil soups, no more remixes, no more umbrellas. It was Michael’s time, dearest friend, unstoppable dancer, exceptional creative, honest soul and eternal lover of food, to go back home.
Salud Mike, we all wish you the best!
Ciancio has always appreciated the Italian culture
What did you do before Fabrica?
I finished my undergrad at MICA and worked at Hyperakt Design Group
in Brooklyn, NY and some freelance here and there.
What’s the plan now?
I’ll continue to be the fat kid that I am deep down inside–living in
Italy really contributed to this. My next big trip involves me flying
to Vancouver and driving to San Francisco stopping in Seattle and
Portland. Just you watch. I’m freelancing till further notice and
living in Astoria.
Did you learn anything during your time here?
I learnt that tacos are actually not supposed to have sour cream in
them. I learnt that Aussies and Kiwis kinda hate each other but don’t
admit it. I learnt that English people wear crowns during Christmas.
I learnt that Portugal is pretty. I learnt more Italian, and I learnt
how to say Cheers in many languages.
Best and worst moments?
My worst moments were not even that bad now that I think about it. My
wallet fell out of my pocket once while I was biking the day after my
4th of July party. And so, I canceled all my credit and bank cards,
only to be called the next day and informed that my wallet was
returned to the lost & found by a good Trevisan samaritan and
everything was in it. Also the London show got rough at times, but we
pulled it off and we pulled it off well. The best moments are too
many to list.

What will you miss the most about life here?

Biking through quietness, that view of the mountains, the food, how
accessible the rest of Europe is from little old Treviso. And for my
people: dancing La Lambada with Karol, trading music with Lizy, Nam
inviting us over for Korean dinners, getting served grilled meat by
Nic, teaching American slang to Piero, and talking shit about
Americans with Tad.
Parting words?
They say in America that college is the best 4 years of your life.
That statement still holds true for me, but I knocked off Freshman
year and replaced it with the year I spent at Fabrica.

Our saviour

As you may know, the blog was mysteriously gone for more than a week after –they- published the new Fabrica website. Apparently, -they- couldn’t find a solution during all those days, as I was the most depressed person in the world.
Then, the feminine force came to save the blogsphere (and our sanity). Lizy, our super woman and her impressive skills came up with a solution in the spite of a couple of hours, and finally, thanks to her, here we are again.
Thank you mujer, you are the greatest!!!

Restaurant reviews

Above, la pizza musicista at Da Roberto.
My restaurant reviews of Treviso, come to you today, as one of my last blog entries, and also in Simple English.

All’antico Portico

Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore 18
Price: €€€
Favorite dish: Gnocchi ripieni di radicchio
The service here is really great. Nice to sit on the terrace outside on a cool summer night. The gnocchi is fucking ridiculous. Also, try the baked pumpkin flowers as an appetizer. The inside has amazing vintage signs and things of that like. One of my favorites.
Via Filodrammatici 5
Price: €€
Only been here once so I don’t really remember it, i have to say. I remember being really hungry and having a really small portion of pasta. But maybe it was normal size and i thought it was small because i was so hungry. Maybe. Small interior.
Osteria al Radicchio Rosso
Via Tolpada 25
Price: €€
Favorite dish: Spaghetti alle vongole
Went here when i first arrived with Marian, Lizy and Karol, and they made Karol wear this amazing bib with a tuxedo printed on it because she ordered spaghetti con frutta di mare. Classic. Amazing food at reasonable prices, large pasta portions. Weird lighting inside.
Pizzeria Madam
Via Risorgimento 10
Price: €
Favorite dish: Curry rice pilaf
Least favorite pizzeria i have been to. Really slow service no matter the party size. Interior is eurotrashy and the pizza ain’t so great.
Pizzeria Sant’Agostino
Via Sant’Agostino 35
Price: €
Favorite dish: Penne mamma rosa
A Fabrica favorite, a great place that will host a really large crowd of us. Really fast service

Julia Pleschke has left the building

Fabrica continues to become a man’s land as SuperMom leaves us today.
What made you want to come to Fabrica?
The opportunity to go abroad, meet interesting people and have a little space between graduating and finding a real job.
Favorite thing about living in Treviso?
Being close to the beach.
How have you seen this place change since you arrived?
Honestly I would be a liar, if I was not saying that I am a bit worried about Fabrica these days: You can feel something is going on and a lot of tension is in the air. It makes me sad that it is now possible for special people to get their friends into Fabrica without having them to pass a trial. Some of the recently arrived new students seem to be too young for a place like that, and especially coming without passing a trial does not help to appreciate Fabrica nor to develop the right attitude to work the best out of it. On the other side, I am happy that I went through a year full of changes and especially that I got to know the old fabrica with all these skilled people who made my first abroad experience and its many great acquaintances to a fantastic part of my life I would never want to miss.
What are your plans for after?
I will move in with my boyfriend in Vienna, freelancing, improving my baby Benettonplay from home and of course visiting and inviting the guys I love and already miss most: Karol, Nam, Lizy, Paolo, Marian, Christian, Juan and last but not least yourself. *snif*
Parting words?
Fabrica can be your greatest time, don’t spoil it by waiting for someone to tell you what to do, find friends, keep in touch with them and end every of the 365 days with a smile.

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