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Budapest Design Week 09 – WAMP

The past Sunday marked the end to this year’s Budapest Design Week. A notable event conclusion was the Finnish-Hungarian WAMP, a designer’s market offering fun and inspiring designs. (photos from Oct 11th, 2009)

During WAMP

During WAMP at the Magyar Iparmüvészeti Múzeum in Budapest.

PUCC sweetwear

By Heim Zsuzsi, PUCC sweetwear

PUCC sweetwear

By Heim Zsuzsi, PUCC sweetwear

PUCC sweetwear

By Heim Zsuzsi, PUCC sweetwear

Beograd Bag

Beograd Bag made from reused bicycle tubes.


Salt and Pepper shaker by Lublóy Zoltán

Bicycle Tire Belts

Reused bicycle tires as belts by 1mindeg

Reused Bicycle Tire Necklace

Reused bicycle tires as necklace by 1mindegy

Art Watches

Amazing art watches by Óra Mü

Art Watches

Amazing art watches by Óra Mü

Art Watches

Amazing art watches by Óra Mü

Just For Dogs

Stately dog leashes by Márton Strohner, JFD.

E-mail at,

snow white mac

Snowwhite Mac (1983) (1).JPG

Chris Ware animation for This American Life the TV show

The always amazing Chris Ware (Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid On Earth, Acme Novelty Library) has made a new animation for the second season of the television version of This American Life, a radio show that focuses on the lives and experiences of people.

What Did I Do?

Last month, a University of Florida student was arrested during a forum with John Kerry while asking if he and Bush were members of the secret society Skull and Bones at Yale University.

While struggling with about -six- police officers when they tried to remove him from the session, he was Tasered and sent to jail. Police recommended charges of resisting arrest with violence, a felony, disturbing the peace and interfering with school administrative functions.
He asked for help, but most of the audience sat quietly while watching the absurd and abusive dispute.

I Hate Young People

Here is a platform (popular word nowadays around Fabrica…) that promotes the creation of videos that can express what people really think about the young crowd; the way how they dress, the music they listen, the words they use.

The most passionate and creative entries will be part of a national cable television pilot, and all appropriate submissions will be posted on the I Hate Young People video sharing site.
Hateful but quite entertaining…

Condoms and Cucumbers

In response to yesterdays ‘natural porn’ I posted Chris forwarded me this link to the Swiss governments 2003 HIV awareness campaign. Really simple and unoffensive concept but communicating a vital message.

FIN IV, the finale

This column is short lived, but probably the most fun for me to write as I get to air other people’s laundry. It may get pick up again some time in the future, but as of today, the Fabrica Insider News is loosing its author – me.
It’s getting quieter and quieter around here as the Fabricanti all take off on their own direction… there’s Annalisa who left the writing wing, Mark left the ‘server’, David the video guru left his editing deck, Hansi is about to leave his messy workstation, Andy Smith is packing up for Brooklyn, Selwa is heading off to Japan, and I myself am on the way of leaving this lovely blog. Within two months time, every department will have a complete turn over — with all of us leaving by the end of the year.
Yesterday, the five piece boy band of the Interactive department headed off to Paris to set up the installation for the big show at the Pompidou. Together they are quite a team — there’s DJ Cameron, DJ Boraxx, party thrower Carlo, mr.-nice-guy Oriol, and lady’s man Dan. There presence in the building should have all the girls crying for their attention, except they’ll be too busy working. And it’s as if the Fabrica admin ladies knew this, because they’re putting all 4 handsome boys into one single crummy hotel room, an hour away from the museum. Totally cramping the boys’ styles.
Meanwhile, in other departments, the favorites are getting picked to go to the Pompidou, leaving some people a little sour. But we’re all used to this kind of treatment anyways.
Since some is stuck at Fabrica during this big Pompidou opening week, Oriol finished the Mensalady Widget to help cure the boredom. You can download it here.
And actually I don’t really have other news to report because, well, I’m leaving! It’s finally MY TURN! After a whole year and a half of watching other people leave and packing the boxes, the process comes to me so naturally. I will miss my cushy life and this sounds-too-good-to-be-true job, but it is time to move on.

Good weekend, and good luck, Fabricanti.

Graphic designers snubbed White House gala

In a symbolic gesture of protest to the Bush administration, five American graphic designers (see names in the letter below), honorees of the National Design Award, turn down Laura Bush’s invitation to breakfast at the White House citing that it would be inconsistent to their values and beliefs as designers to accept an award celebration from the representative of the administration who abuses language and mass media.
Drumming for attention or displaying meaningful act of dissent? — you decide.
full story:

Dear Mrs. Bush:
As American designers, we strongly believe our government should support
the design profession and applaud the White House sponsorship of the
Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. And as finalists and recipients of
the National Design Award in Communication Design we are deeply honored to
be selected for this recognition. However, we find ourselves compelled to
respectfully decline your invitation to visit the White House on July
Graphic designers are intimately engaged in the construction of language,
both visual and verbal. And while our work often dissects, rearranges,
rethinks, questions and plays with language, it is our fundamental belief,
and a central tenet of “good” design, that words and images must be used
responsibly, especially when the matters articulated are of vital
importance to the life of our nation.
We understand that politics often involves high rhetoric and the shading
of language for political ends. However it is our belief that the current
administration of George W. Bush has used the mass communication of words
and images in ways that have seriously harmed the political discourse in
America. We therefore feel it would be inconsistent with those values
previously stated to accept an award celebrating language and
communication, from a representative of an administration that has engaged
in a prolonged assault on meaning.
While we have diverse political beliefs, we are united in our rejection of
these policies. Through the wide-scale distortion of words (from “Healthy
Forests” to “Mission Accomplished”) and both the manipulation of media
(the photo op) and its suppression (the hidden war casualties), the Bush
administration has demonstrated disdain for the responsible use of mass
media, language and the intelligence of the American people.
While it may be an insignificant gesture, we stand against these
distortions and for the restoration of a civil political dialogue.

The letter was signed by Michael Rock, Susan Sellers, Georgie Stout, Paula
Scher and Stefan Sagmeister.
2006 finalist Chip Kidd was also asked to sign. But Kidd questioned the
appropriateness of the gesture, said so in an email to the group. “The
real issue here is that we were not invited to a rally in support of the
war in Iraq. We were invited to recognize the National Design Awards, in
our nation’s capitol, in an extraordinary building that is a cornerstone
of our history.” He added that, like them, he was opposed to the Bush
administration’s policies, and pointed out that, also like them, he had
created and published work that had expressed those views in no uncertain
terms. But, he added, “it is that ability (hey, the freedom!) to make and
send meaningful messages that we are supposed to be celebrating.”
Kidd concluded, “Of course I respect your decisions, as I hope you all
know how much I respect you and your extraordinary talents. But as graphic
designers, we rightly complain that those talents are too often uncredited
and taken for granted. Personally, in this case, I think it accomplishes
more to stand up and be counted than to stay away.”

The real iraq war costs

Depending on which administration official you, um, believed, the Iraq War was going to cost anywhere from $200 million to zero. But it’s going to fly over $1 trillion.
That’s what says the article by Matthew Yglesias from the American Prospect

New York City jailed student art exhibit

Last week, the entire MFA thesis show of Brooklyn College was shut down by the City of New York due to a few complaints from the audience regarding sexual content in *some* of the art work. Mind you, the Brooklyn College is run by the City of New York.

…The student show, mounted as a graduation requirement for the Master of Fine Arts Degree at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, apparently received complaints for explicit subject matter from one or more visitors to the May 3 opening, and was ordered immediately shut down by the Brooklyn Borough Parks Commissioner, Julius Spiegel. This came as a surprise to the students who have been working under the direction of Brooklyn College faculty in a program administered by the City of New York. The exhibition was even attended by the President and Provost of Brooklyn College, who reported that they enjoyed the show.

Later, they find out that the alleged complaints regarding explicit subject matter came from the park commissioner (art critic by night?), Julius Spiegel himself.
Students who put thousands of hours and all of their energy and creativity into this show, which is a requirement for their graduation, were, and deservingly so, infuriated. They protested, rallied, sent letters of complaints, petitions, etc. Some of the art were site-specific installation created for the gallery and would have to be destroyed to get it out. Someone’s pet rat was locked in the exhibit without food for a few days. However, instead of fighting the shut down and standing up for their students, the Brooklyn College decided to just move the show without the artists’ permission and without telling the artists. The students are now filing law suits.
For more in-depth coverage and update,
Having done a master thesis show myself, I think I would have gone bezerk for something like this to have happened. Imagine after two years of intensive study, thousands of hours and so much money spent on what is to be your proud achievement to show for your educational career gets shut down then dismantled by some park workers without you knowing. The thought alone makes me shiver.
But then again, history usually repeats itself, and what is the most avant-garde art to us now have all stired some type of controversy. Either this class is a bunch of really good artists, or that the parks commissioner is such a tightwad conservative.

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