Hyper Island Open House

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Hyper Island's new 2010 catalogue

Hyper Island
is Swedish’s avant-garde answer to new media and interactive teaching. They started out as a CD-Rom school back 15 years ago in Karlskrona, a small archipelago town , when the future of interactivity was still based on running disks locally in fullscreen mode. A lot has changed since that, and now they are one of the most sought-after places to learn digital creativity, either by participating in their 1 or 2-year programs, or on their week-long Master Classes, designed for people already in the business.

Fabrica was there last weekend for an open house session with current students, management, and staff. Q&A sessions and work samples between cookies and coffee breaks. The place is an open floor space at phone mogul Eriksson’s former headquarters. Each student is provided with a table space and a first-week world class immersion into teamworking skills, which is fastly becoming Hyper Island’s most valuable asset. The rest more or less happens by itself, with students working in teams around different work modules – briefs of existing companies with real problems. The school is growing in a scary rate. Offices in New York and UK, and several other partnerships being formed at the moment.

More photos coming soon.