Mujiland has arrived


In the suburbs of Tokyo, instead of Gibson’s Chiba sprawl, you will soon find a glistening new Muji village accomodating 152 homebuyers in February 2010. Developed in collaboration with real estate developer Mitsubishi Estate, it is a nine-storey, three building complex that is the ultimate manifestation of Zen that Muji maintains in their product line, where even flip-flops are divine.


The concept for the village is based around three concepts: Green, plain and community. Green for trees, plain for simplicity and flexibility, and community for common spaces. Although the Muji village looks like a vacation resort, it still conveys the Muji philosophy which is based upon the absence of style, identity and remarkableness. What this achieves is a normalcy that is beyond normal. In this type of architecture, the buildings are so ordinary that they become remarkable. Another characteristic of this community is the subculture of Muji aficionados – now they will literally have common ground.