Walter Hutton shall be entering the building

He bakes, drinks well, speaks proper English and has a sarcastic answer for any question you might have. You won’t get more British than Walter, the graphic designer from Bath who has entered the building ages ago, has refused to reply to this interview properly and is now introduced in a lame ichat talk we had one of these days!
could you, in one of those breaks from work we all take every now and again, reply to your interview
you can be monossilabical
can you i chat to me and i will do it
(don’t know if this is a word)
so let’s do this
we’ll ichat now and that’s gonna be your interview
is that ok?
monosyllabic is the word
thats fine

monosyllabic. good thanks
what’s the other words you taught me? that day at tocai…
cant remember
ok. anyway. how did you end up here?
i heard about fabrica through a friend a few years ago, and became interested in the place, when i was asked to come to Fabrica i didn’t have to think i knew i had to come.
are you serious?
does it matter
what do you mean if it matters?
of course it matters
“i knew I had to come” doesn’t sound like you
also i was a speaker at a lecture where Adam And Ollie where also guest speakers . i really liked the work they presented and spoke to them afterwards about fabrica. they were complimentary about my work and suggested that i should apply
ok the truth

i was offered a job so i didn’t need to apply it was so easy and i was bored with the job i had been doing for 4 years so i came
sorry. i had to leave my computer. will read it now
and have you regreted the decision yet?
no, i am enjoying the work and meeting people and living in another country.
you are full of cliches today
it really doesn’t sound like you
what is it that you do here?
im sorry i find i hard to write about myself
what do you like writing about them?
Since arriving here i have had sever acid flashbacks. the general drudgery of life has continued and the only saving grace is the lunches.
are you missing englang already?
(is that ok if I go grab a coffee while you write this answer?)
Cider, Brixton, english radio, rain cold, strong Chedder, proper pubs.
do you want to come down for coffee?
yes ill come for coffe