Elliott Burford has joined us

“Ciao Tutti! Hope all is well. Just sending a word of warning, that there is a new trial kid arriving this weekend, and his name is ELLIOTT. Elliott is a talented designer, muso, wordsmith, filmmaker friend of mine from Adelaide! He is like a half-brother to Lars and myself, so please look out for him. Some times he answers to the name of ‘Fluffy’ but I’ll let him explain to you why. Miss you all lots. From Scott.” Nearly a year after this first introduction, Elliott Burford has entered the building. And we still have no idea of where the Fluffy thing comes from…
How did you come to learn about Fabrica?
During university I picked up a COLORS magazine with an ashtray in the shape of a heart on the cover. It had mad flavour (not ‘flava’).
What have you been doing before now?
Primarily making guacamole. Otherwise graphic design / art direction for big branding and advertising in Australia and the UK. Yawwwwwwwwwn. So I stayed awake drawing, making images, short films and (terrible) music.
What do you expect to get out of this experience?
Sex, drugs, money… I mean – a focal point for my creative output. Suggestions welcome.

What will you miss from home?

Cage fighting kangaroos. Familiarity. English.
Anything else you’d like to share with us?
A game of twister. Get on it.
Go to Elliott’s WEBSITE.