Gustavo Millon has left the building

Photo by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza
In Chilean folklore, busquilla is the man who has learned to fight his own way, depending on no one else. Earlier this year, when lunches at Ennio were still held outside, that was how a fellow compatriot described Gustavo. I thought it fitted him perfectly – both because the word sounded rather humble (an adjective that has always suited Gustavo) and because of his history. The first Chilean to step into the Bubble, the photographer from Santiago was told right from the beginning things wouldn’t be easy for him (not that things are that easy for any of us, but we are usually well deceived in the beginning!). One year and a half later, he is back in Santiago and guarantees it was all worth it.
Were you really the first chilean guy at Fabrica? How did you get here?
Yes, i’m the first chilean in fabrica (what doesn’t mean the last one, I hope) I participated in a contest “Wanted Creativity” (yes, wanted creativity) about the environment. I sent one project and I won, the prize was the scholarship in Fabrica for one year.
Deciding to come was a difficult or an obvious choice?
It was obvius, good opportunity for meet with different persons, be a better photographer and know about Fabrica. Also, it was my first time in Europe, in Italy and Treviso. (speaking in english!)
What’s the best word to describe Fabrica?
“Bubble”. My first roomate (Nobu, japanese) told me that. I thought he was exaggerating but I understood later what mean. Fabrica is a small bubble what cover us of everything. We speak in english (no italian) we stay there for all the day and is diffcult have connections with persons outside of Fabrica, all the day togheter. Even when we are outside of Fabrica. Sometimes is good, sometimes is…
What was the best life advice you heard here?
“I will be here if you need to talk with someone” Diego Beyró (is not a advice, but is something what always i will remember)
Most memorable moments.
I can’t describe all the great moments what I had in Fabrica, mensa for sure! the conversations in the coffee machine! but something what I always I will remember is ride in my bicycle in Treviso (something what I will continue doing here)
How would you like to be remembered?
I don’t know. Maybe like the guy that smile always… 😉
Last words?
My last words are just have all the fun that you can get in Fabrica, do your personal projects (is the best of Fabrica) and never change, even if someone tell you are wrong, because usually is not like that.
Ah! I want to tell something to all the persons that wrote a poem (this is in five languages because i received like that)
(In english) thanks to all, it was a great experience. My english is getting better after of this!
(In portugueis) Eu espero aprender essa língua bonita e sua cultura (obrigado Brasil e Portugal)
(In italian) Mi mancherà il capuccino e la brioche per la mattina! un abbraccio a tutti
(In german) Und am Ende, wir sind zusammen. Ich werde Sie vermissen Prinzessin
(In spanish) a mi hermosa comunidad hispanohablante que me dio lo mejor de los recuerdos, lo mejor de todo. A ese pinche culero que dibuja carteles con sentido e inteligencia y que tiene un gran corazón, al español que filma largos ratos a ver lo que aparece (y se le aparece lo hermoso delante de su camara), a ese catalán que me retaba como su hermano menor pero que me enseñó lo que es ser noble y justo siempre (joder!) al argentino que llega tarde siempre (pero que trabaja mas que ninguno con una creatividad increíble, garca! haha) y a mi gran hermano argentino artista que se que va a lograr todo lo que se proponga, siempre. Porque si tu me dijiste que estarías simepre yo también lo estaré para tí (no me olvido por supuesto del gato mas inteligente y hablador del mundo que te cuida) GRACIAS A TODOS
PD: all, all of them are pirates;)