Cosimo has left the bunker

Our wise and wonderful nonno has left us, and we miss him terribly. Our only comfort is in knowing that he has gone to a more peaceful place. Before his passing, he wrote this message:
Dear Kids,
After three long years I’ve finally left the bunker, like all grandpas sooner or later do. It’s been good, extremely intense and sometimes difficult.
While I’m away, you guys take care of the grandma and more than anything of each other. Work together, bike together, play football together, sleep together (I know you will, you unfaithful sex addicts), learn Australian aphorisms and Italian obscenities, fantasize about future communal projects that will never happen, get to know about wine and get pissed every now and then at Roberto’s, miss the last train from Venice to Treviso, make jokes about British people being always drunk and violent, Indian people shaking their heads to say something confusing between “yes” and “maybe”, Italian people talking with their hands, and all the other silly stereotypes that are actually confirmed by living in the bunker. Be good and respectful but let those who live at the bunker’s top floors conspire, panic and argue with each other, without getting involved. It’s healthier. Speak with Maurizio and with the guys from the portineria, instead. They’re real people.
As for me, I will finally set up my own business, a wedding cake one as you can see from the photo above.
A big hug.
Grandpa Cosimo