Catarina Carreiras has entered the building

Meet Catarina, one of the elusive hard-working contingent of Portugese designers. If you feel a strange gravitational force that pulls you into her world – don’t resist.
How did you come to learn about Fabrica?
Hum.. I remember that since I was around 10 years old, everytime I went with my mother to Benetton I would look amazed through every Colors magazine displayed.
Then a few years later I learned about Tibor Kalman, Toscani, and finally Fabrica. Since then I kept wishing that one day I would have the oportunitty to work here.
And, thanks to the Design Department, here I am.
What have you been doing before now?
I was studying Communication Design in Lisbon, doing some freelance work, and trying to travel around as much as I could.
What do you expect to get out of this experience?
Lots of “no’s”, lots of “yessss’s”, lots of “well done!” and lots of “no way!”.
Basically: lots of work.
What will you miss from home?
The sea. And everything and everyone around it.
Anything else you’d like to share with us?
Yes, nice to meet you all.