Thursday Special Deliveries!

“I will show you mine if you show me yours” A special message, I considered, displayed on my Ichat this afternoon. Although, only minutes later, the magic was sucked out of this message with; “sorry, I meant that I will only show you my website if you show me your website.” Well….moving on to what today is really about:
As is customary at Fabrica, every thursday at 6.30pm a resident or a trial student shows their work. All Fabricantes gather into the cinema, and with few glitches and twitches (always), a grandisimo presentation is made (always!). Last Thursday, 22 year old Gonçalo Campos, recently graduated from FBAUL- the Fine Arte Faculty of Lisbon University in Portugal where he has been majoring in Product Design for the last five years, showed some of his recent work. A look at his presentation is a look into his beautiful, minimalist-yet-with-an-eye for detail, and reassuring personality.

-All Images are of Gonçalo’s designs.
Below is a comment (complaint) from Barbara Soalheiro
phoebe, I’d like to express my extreme indignation with the fact that you reported on gonçalo’s presentation without mentioning – even mentioning – the most amazing, important, out of order, so-indicating-of-his-personality fact: the cell phone episode!
what happened???