Marta Teixeira da Silva has left the building

Before the hordes of Portuguese came in, there was Marta Teixeira da Silva. The wisest of us all, Marta distributed her inspiring words with the same elegance anywhere – from a cigarette break outside the Design Department to a big shot presentation at the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice. Back in her homeland, she announces: Lisboa continua muito boa!
What was life like before Fabrica?
I was in sunny Lisbon, working in Fabrica Features Lisboa, working together with Cristina Dias with whom I was also working in other projects – making special edition CD Packgings, all silk screen printed and hand made.
What was life like at Fabrica?
It was a great year. Had the chance to be part of some great projects, met a lot of beautiful and talented people, learned some italian and spanish and french, and even improved my portuguese serelepi from brazil. Had a lot of friends coming to visit, witch was also very nice. Had the honor to experiment some extraordinary recipes and some nice wine.
It was a great and full year.
Most memorable moments?
The memorable moments are always about the people which you share them with.
But being in there is already a memorable moment. It’s a very special place, where you have a completely different life than at home with very different people. Everything is intense, it’s one year but it runs really fast. Will never forget some smiles and great moments even if they are stupid things like having a carrot screaming inside your oven.
What is the plan now?
Back to Lisbon and enjoying every part of it and every friend. It’s good to be back and being surprised again by beautiful things in this city that you tend not to forget. Working in some great projects and waiting for visits here in Lisbon.
Have a lot of memorable moments.
Last words?
Enjoy that time, be sincere and make the best out of that time in there but don´t forget that its also good to go back to reality.
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