Lorenzo Fanton has entered the building

The lovely and talented designer Lorenzo Fanton has entered the building. Find him in a stripy shirt with a hood, and ask him what he had for lunch.
How did you come to learn about Fabrica?
Actually I don’t remember….Maybe I always knew about F a b r i c a. Oh, no! When I was seventeen, I guess. I saw a conference about graphic communication in Mestre at the cultural center Candiani and there I heard the name F a b r i c a…but in that period I wasn’t interested in graphic design and communication so I forgot that episode.
What have you been doing before now?
I spent three years at IUAV, and last year I graduated in Industrial Design, then I worked for a year and now I’m here!
What do you expect to get out of this experience?
Have fun! Meet new people from all over the world and share new experiences! Learn english as best I can, using my little notebook (to note new words!!), and expand my knowledge in the other fields!
What will you miss from home?
Maybe nothing, just my piccolina…I come from a small town near Venice so I can get home almost anytime I want.
Anything else you’d like to share with us?
I want to thank all fabricanti and the other people I met here in recent days and Omar for this incredible oppurtunity, I want to suggest to everybody pass near F a b r i c a to try our MENSA!! It’s AMAZING!
ah…and Piero for the photo!