Jin Kang has left the building

The most shy, gentle and polite guy ever will soon join … THE KOREAN ARMY!
What were you doing before Fabrica, and what are your plans now?
Before coming here I was working as a freelancer for several companies. Prior to that I was studying. And of course I used to listen to the music all the time, as I did at Fabrica.
But what I loved the most was to work as a voluntary designer for non-commercial companies.
Next year I’m gonna work in the Korean Army, but I want to start again my voluntary work as well.
Was Fabrica what you expected it to be?
I think the people are even more important than the work, here at Fabrica.
Collaborations, friendship, tolerance, respect.
This is exactly what I expected to find here.
Did you learn anything during your time here?
I learnt to speak English, (at least, better than before!) to control myself, and how to talk to different kinds of people.
Best moments in Treviso?
Last week, at Pushkar’s party: I got drunk for the very first time.
I was really confused, but happy!
Anything else you would like to say?
I will miss everybody, and I hope to see you again else where, in the future.
Just as adult people in the real world.