Francesca Wade has left the building

Magical Francesca, known for making amazing things appear from nothing, like thurs-day-night movies, and “do” projects, and wonders made of mere fabric and cotton, has herself now disappeared from these hallways….leaving behind a trail of heartbroken brazilians.
What were you doing before Fabrica, and what are your plans now?
Just before Fabrica, I was working at a lovely design company in London, and helping Ian Wright plan his move to New York. For anyone who doesn’t know his work, check it out. Prior to that I was studying in at the University of Brighton. Now? I am back in London, adapting to post–Fabrica life, looking forward to my first job offer and coming to terms with the rain.
Was Fabrica what you expected it to be?
Fabrica was much less and much more than I expected it to be. It’s definitely not what you think it is – whoever you are, wherever you come from – but it is rewarding in ways that you can never expect.
Did you learn anything during your time here?
It’s a huge life experience. You live, you learn. Believe it or not, I am calmer, more patient and a great deal more open to suggestions than I was before. Being at Fabrica teaches you to see your normality’s as strange preferences that are always subject to change.
Best moments in Treviso?
Barbara’s long lunches. Lawrence lifting people up into the air, literally. Sitting opposite Marta at work. Recently, waking Marta up in the morning in a Romeo and Juliet fashion, without the romance. Being on my bike, going anywhere and everywhere with Fernando. Filming the love scene with Piero and Laura for The Duel – ALOHA! – and in fact, everything to do with the making of the film. Poker at Ben’s house, listening to pretty much any ridiculous story he had to tell – and there were many! Hanging out with Benjamin. Throwing playing cards around the apartment with Gabo. Scott’s face painting for the Venice Carnival. Evenings with Erik and Valentina. Waiting for Joao to arrive, standing on the balcony looking down to the road like excited children. My goodbye party – thank you!
Last words?
To those newcomers who may like to question the system – don’t waste your time! Find your niche and nurture it.
Photo by Diego.