Geremia Vinattieri: a new noisy Fabricante

Directly from Florence, one of the most important city in the world for Arts, a new guy has just joined the Music department at Fabrica.
His name is Geremia Vinattieri and his “noisy creativity” is something impossible to ignore!

Geremia Vinattieri from andy cameron on Vimeo.
How would you describe yourself?
A guy with a great interest in Art, in all its forms and aspects.
What did you expect from this place?
To find what I’ve actually found: a place where I can develop my creative identity.
Lets talk about your “Drummpaint” performance. What did you want to communicate?
Basically the idea expressed by the performance is a perfect symbiosis between my two main passions: Music and Graphics.
I’ve studied at the artistic secondary school, then I attended the Academy of fine Arts, now I make illustrations and I play drums. So I wanted to combine both visual and musical expressions, without letting one being stronger than the other.
What about your dreams?
There are a lot of dreams… our dreams depend on our age, temporary interests, phases….
I’d like to realize them all without betraying who I was once, who I am now, and who I will be…
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