Earth Hour

“Earth Hour” has just kicked off, a project by WWF to raise awareness about global warming. At least 371 cities and towns, in 24 timezones around the world have pledged to dim their lights at 8pm local time (29th March).
Learn about how you can participate in Earth Hour, and the Earth Hour Movement at their website.
WWF’s “10 things to do in the dark
Fabricanti “10 things to do in the dark” (PG13 edited):
~ Play “Murder in the dark”
~ Stargaze with friends, point out fake constellations and see if they notice.
~ Candlelit activities
~ Colour in a colouring book by intuition
~ Look for a light switch
~ Fumble and stumble
~ Skinny dip in the sea
~ Play “Hide and Seek”
~ Moonlight massage
~ Glowstick activities
~ Play “Guess what/who this is”