From the desks of the Fabricante: post-it notes that delve into the mindset and lives of the building’s sick inhabitants, finally providing the curious public with an answer as to what the mother fuck being a Fabricante is all about.
Join me on this dark journey through the halls of Tadao Ando’s cement and purple marble masterpiece. Experience the extraordinary – where the setting of a dull office is dirtied by creative genius, and then tidied back up again through creative exhaustion, a bit of creative oppression, absolute boredom, and a watered down form of solitary confinement. 25 individuals from across the world that think, eat, sleep, create, and work together. This is – FABRICANTE IN POST-IT FORM.
All post-its were created before this study took place.
Part 1- Prove The Doubters Wrong
Life after college or university can seem very, very frightening and/or depressing. Your glory days of irresponsibility are over. You’ve got nowhere to go and nobody is on your side. You’ve been told time and time again to get a real job that pays real money. Your skills have been doubted and underappreciated by friends, family and lovers. Fabrica can change all that in an instant. Fabrica will make people appreciate you. You are a bona fide artist now – a clothing company said so and everyone will wish they had been nicer to you when you were a nobody.
Fabrica also works as an escape route from whatever’s been smothering you.