Part 3 – Spoiled
You might be spoiled before entering Fabrica. There are many students who are only children or youngest children of families.
There are easy ways of entering: through someone you know or through “meeting” the daughter of one of the Benetton’s relatives.
Generation Y-ers are known for being slackers. And while it does take a lot of effort for some to join the FAB club, all that effort quickly dissolves in the pool of easy-going and being catered to. We are 24, 25, 26, 27… we are aging without aim. We are with endless Youtube watching, piles of mensa, multiple vending machine breaks, party after party after party, weekends at the beach, weekends on the couch, weekends in bed, a paycheck spent solely on food and drink, arriving to “work” late and leaving not so late… and it all leads to complaining about how shit we have it here.
We might’ve been before, but we are all now…