I felt the need to post again about anorexia after the huge amount of comments I received from a previous post. I wrote about the photographic work of Lauren Greenfield and her documentation of anorexia sufferers. The above images are from her THIN exhibition and as you can see this is a devastating condition to suffer from. I had no idea how many people would respond to it and I am truly overwhelmed by the honesty of everyone who wrote and continues to write. It saddens me so much to hear other’s stories but I’m thrilled the blog could provide an outlet for you.
As some of you may know I also suffered for a long time from an eating disorder. After years of battling I have now fully recovered and i’m stronger than ever which is partly why I made the post, to help others out there who suffer. I just wanted to make sure that for those of you who did make comments and asked for help please do contact me at piaknight@gmail.com I am more than happy to try to help you in any way I can. I’m not medically qualified obviously but I do understand the emotional side having suffered myself. Support is the key to recovery and I’m lucky enough that I was able to receive a lot of it. So please if you come across this site and need help let me know.
Have a good day. Pia