Introducing: World Today

I’m proud to announce my very own Fabrica project, called World Today, for which we are looking for independent Editors from around the world for collaboration:

Editors Wanted
Through the technical and financial development of our society, the world has become smaller than ever. Dominating cultures stretch their influences through the global medias and communication tools. In some cases this adds value to a local culture, but in many cases it waters cultural diversity down.
The aim of this project is to cultivate these local varieties and to publish an honest reflection of our world today, accessable to everybody, also to those with low education levels. We want to give a voice to people outside of the mainstream and to deliver reliable and direct information about local cultures.
Therefore we are looking for English speaking Editors from around the world, with a strong connection to their cultural roots and a fine understanding in how to approach local people from different social classes and races.
If you are interested, please contact Christian Etter through e-mail christian.etter(at) to receive more information.