Featuring Marco Mucig

Marco Mucig is a creature of the wild. As a child he ran naked in fields. He was free and happy and then he was captured. He did not complain, His captors were fair and considerate; they gave him pens and cameras, they gave him notebooks and paper. He used those tools to create and explore in illustration, photograpy, video, and graphic design. He developed those skills further, working for Steinmannklinik (Helsinki, Finland), Studiocamuffo (Venice), and now with Fabrica, Benetton’s research center. Still, his soul remains wild. Marco makes regular trips back to the mountains where he snowboards. Do not worry for him. He is not lonely. For he is part of a community, filled with like-minded individuals. Together they grill food and throw snowballs.
“Used on a t-shirt I designed for Spunky, to be released next summer.”