FIN IV, the finale

This column is short lived, but probably the most fun for me to write as I get to air other people’s laundry. It may get pick up again some time in the future, but as of today, the Fabrica Insider News is loosing its author – me.
It’s getting quieter and quieter around here as the Fabricanti all take off on their own direction… there’s Annalisa who left the writing wing, Mark left the ‘server’, David the video guru left his editing deck, Hansi is about to leave his messy workstation, Andy Smith is packing up for Brooklyn, Selwa is heading off to Japan, and I myself am on the way of leaving this lovely blog. Within two months time, every department will have a complete turn over — with all of us leaving by the end of the year.
Yesterday, the five piece boy band of the Interactive department headed off to Paris to set up the installation for the big show at the Pompidou. Together they are quite a team — there’s DJ Cameron, DJ Boraxx, party thrower Carlo, mr.-nice-guy Oriol, and lady’s man Dan. There presence in the building should have all the girls crying for their attention, except they’ll be too busy working. And it’s as if the Fabrica admin ladies knew this, because they’re putting all 4 handsome boys into one single crummy hotel room, an hour away from the museum. Totally cramping the boys’ styles.
Meanwhile, in other departments, the favorites are getting picked to go to the Pompidou, leaving some people a little sour. But we’re all used to this kind of treatment anyways.
Since some is stuck at Fabrica during this big Pompidou opening week, Oriol finished the Mensalady Widget to help cure the boredom. You can download it here.
And actually I don’t really have other news to report because, well, I’m leaving! It’s finally MY TURN! After a whole year and a half of watching other people leave and packing the boxes, the process comes to me so naturally. I will miss my cushy life and this sounds-too-good-to-be-true job, but it is time to move on.

Good weekend, and good luck, Fabricanti.