Ode to the Lebanese Cedar

The old (actually dead) tree at Fabrica was tranformed into a sculpture after it’s been standing dead for a few years. The tree, a Lebanese Cedar, was an essential part of Tadao Ando’s architectural plan for Fabrica and therefore cannot be uprooted. It is said that the tree has been standing there for 350 years.
The transformation of the tree into a sculpture inspired us to create a timelapse video. For a week, we set up an iSight camera to take a picture every 15 seconds. The camera had to be hung outside the window and suffered from intense, constant exposure to the sun in the mid-summer heat. Choosing the best part of the footage, this is the first in our abuse-camera-for-timelapse-movie series that will now happen at various locations around Fabrica.
Download Video
By Oriol Ferrer Mesi