TOPOLO': a borderland between reality and imagination

Marco Mucig, It moves through, Stazione di Topolò 2006.
Until 16th July- Topolò, Udine.
Topolò/ Topolove is not a fairy tale village but a real place between Italy and Slovenia with 33 inhabitants. Since 1994 in July it turns into “Topolò Station- Postaja Topolove” a place of sensitive encounters and cultural exchange. Topolò s not an episodic event or a festival but a place where art meets life, where you are completely immersed in an artistic atmosphere. For this year’s edition of Stazione/ Postaia also the Fabricante Marco Mucig has been involved to develop a project. It moves through is the title of his video created by capturing istants and images of Topolo’ s village. The peculiarity of this artistic project is that the emergence of a little detail brings life to an apparently immobile situation.These are the artist words to present his project:
There are places where nothing happens: ideas stale and people migrate. Those places, led by different circumstances to stall, seem not destined to change. If you take a closer look through, even there something moves: insignificant vibrations, meaningless details which carry the prophecy of a rebirth, the hopefor a revolution. With my camera i will explore the village’s path to choose views and situations that i will photograph over time. The editing of these images will create a video. In every situation, apparently condemned to stale, a little detail will bring a new life, since the interest for little things is the only engine able to rescue arid, bored, immobile worlds.