Drink Water to Help Others

belu.jpg Drinking bottled water is a controversial topic (see Treehugger) but here is an English company that has developed a biodegradable bottle for its water AND donates its profits to projects with WaterAid in India and Africa. First the bottle: this is the first biodegradable bottle on sale in Britain. It is made of corn and breaks down by commercial composting methods in 12 weeks, and by home composting in about a year. The corn is grown in 100 days and can return to the soil in 100 days. The water is from deep wells in Shropshire and is sold in some major supermarket chains. Belu is a small company founded with a goal to finance clean-water projects around the world. They are part of a growing group of ethical entrepreneurs who are turning their businesses and profits towards having an impact on the world’s problems. Their intention is to generate one million £ profit and spend it on water projects. The first is in India where they are building wells and hand pumps and sanitation facilities. The second is in Mali Africa where they are providing clean water and sanitation to a community of 10,000 people. :: Belu via :: Independent