Nepali photoblog with protest reports:

Xeni Jardin:

The photoblog is publishing many images each day from the ongoing demonstrations in Nepal. A post from Saturday describes a “sea of protestors” flooding Kathmandu, on the seventeenth day of a nationwide general strike.

Shown here, at left (link to source, shot by Shanker Kharel), this demonstrator has shaved a message into his head. I can’t read it, but would welcome a translation from a BoingBoing reader. At right (link to source, shot by Chandra Sekhar Karki) police in Kathmandu beat a protestor with sticks.

The government has imposed a mandatory curfew in Kathmandu. A site admin’s message on asks for reader forgiveness over resulting technical difficulties: “We are currently unable to upload your comments due to curfew… we apologize for this!”

Reader comment: Anonymous says,

You asked for a translation of “Loktantra”. The Nepali language used “Prajatantra” to mean “democracy”. “Praja” means “subjects” (of a King or monarch), so “Prajatantra” actually means “the rule of subjects”, which obviously is unsatisfactory. So the new term “Loktantra” was coined. “Lok” means “folk” – so “Loktantra” would be full democracy, as opposed to a half-hearted version.