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Andy Cameron has left the building

It was a sad day yesterday as we said good bye to a much loved leader. After a decade of various highly successful projects, international exhibitions, and plenty of Prosecco consumption, the executive director and head of the Interactive department, decided it was time to move on. We did the best we could to celebrate his time here at fabrica, but in total honesty his absence was already being felt before his departure.

The student body of Fabrica wishes him a fond farewell, and a total prosperity for his future.

Andy Cameron by Piero Martinello_big

P.s…oops…did I mention that Liz Cretney and I made some British scones with blueberry jam and cream for him? Yep! we did, come back tomorrow for the pics!

Lemon Cheaper

You can now have your own Starck’s lemon squeezer! No need to save money, using standard kitchen utensils, you can create your design piece, much cheaper this way… Reappropriate the design back into the kitchen, a place little seen by original Starck squeezers that are more often displayed as sculpture in living-rooms rather than used for culinary purposes…

Picture 15


A laptopogram is a photographic print made by pressing photosensitive paper against a laptop screen and then exposing it to the light emitted by the screen, in a technique similar to those used to produce contact prints and photograms. The images are then developed with a standard darkroom process.
This technique can also be used with any kind of electronic visual display such as a mobile phone or a television. This new process was created and developed by Aditya Mandayam, a resident at Fabrica.

Aditya Mandayam

Glass negative from 1918 and dmesg in a terminal


Some prints in his darkbathroom

Beauty and Simplicity

I really like this house for it’s beauty and simplicity. Although the materials and form are charming, what I really, really love about it, is the way that it opens up to the outside world. Maybe my city upbringing has had the opposite effects on me, but as I get older I want more and more to be closer to nature, for me it’s the feeling of freedom that it brings. Of course the clean air, fresh greenery, and beautiful views doesn’t hurt either.
This home in Stockholm was designed by Widjedal Racki Bergerhof, and I think it’s a real beauty.


Isn’t this perfect for entertaining? I can just picture the late evening summer parties on that lovely courtyard. This is what I mean about a house opening up to the outside, it makes the space look bigger.


If I lived here I would use this area for breakfast.


The stone floor with the white interior is perfect.


See what I mean? Imagine bathing here everyday, and looking out into the openness, how good would that be for inspirational therapy!


Need I say more?
Images via arch daily
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Interact or Die!

Kidding! Nobody needs to die, all we want is for you to interact with us! One of our projects is going to be taking part in the Graphic Design Festival Breda, and we are inviting you guys to get involved. The Exquisite Clock, is an interactive art installation by Joao Wilbert, which will be projected onto a big screen. The idea is that you find as many images as you can, which are shaped like numbers (check picture below), and upload them to the clock. Now in true Fabrica spirit we are daring you to be different, so after reading this post, switch off your computer, take up your phone, camera (we don’t care as long as it takes pictures) and run around the streets like a crazy person. If you see an old man shaped like the number 8 (don’t laugh you never know), or a crop cycle shape like the number 1, then get it on film and get uploading! Fabrica wants to get interactive with you

Check out the site for more info


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Glass House

People who live in this house, should not throw stones! (…yes am quite proud of that sentence – pun intended)


This stunning glass house is the brainchild of santambrogiomilano, an Italian architecture and design firm. I think the setting also adds to the beauty, very ice queen meets modern winter wonderland. To be honest, am getting pretty fed up with the gigantic glass and steel buildings that are dominating most urban cities. However, in this context it looks fresh and new.


Did I mention that it comes with a set of furniture made completely from glass too?



I love it, would stay in it, but never live in it! Would you?

Via Ijeoma by Ijeoma

Milano Milano

I finally made it to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile on Saturday, and boy was I blown

away. I have been to Milan many times before, but this was my first time to the furniture

show. It felt like the whole city was my chocolate factory, I really didn’t know where to start.

Luckily my flatmate and I caught up with a friend of a friend at brunch, and he gave us

some quick pointers of where to begin.


It rained all day, I got very damp and cold sharing one umbrella, but I managed to see

some pretty cool stuff.


I absolutely loved this chair! It is by Georg Bechter, a German architect. It caught my

eye from a couple of booths away, it’s a visual feast don’t you think?



This table is by an Italian furniture designer Ivo Leemans. The legs are joint together to

support the table through the two holes. Yes ladies and gentleman, no glues used!



For me the beauty of this rocking chair is the craftsmanship. It’s by Laboratorio

Controprogetto. Wouldn’t it look amazing in an English cottage, by the fire place….on a

cold winter’s night…?


Even the famous via Monte Napoleone was adorned with beautiful lamp shades.



These are some more stuff that I liked, but sadly I can’t remember who their designers are.


I really like these, very weird and wonderful!



These adorable little stools looked too good to sit on, so I had to ask first (to avoid any embarrassments).


….….so she stood on it to prove it to me.


That hammock would probably be more comfortable with a couple of pillows thrown in.



I literally stopped when I saw this light, yes it’s even more beautiful in real life!



….and last but not least, one of the Fabrica Exhibitions. Certainly a unique take on ceramics.


This is my favorite, I love the combination of metal and ceramic.


That’s all folks!


Did anyone’s else go the exhibition? I would love to see some pics, especially as I only

went for a day.

Feel free to visit my blog for more design stuff.


The Australia Project


The Inaugural Australia Project Melbourne Exhibition

The Australia Project is a series of creative initiatives aimed at critically examining the national Australian identity.

Engaging prominent Australian creatives and the general public alike, the project provokes wide-spread debate regarding contemporary Australian culture.

Post-colonial, multi-cultural, historically conflicted & geographically isolated, The Australia Project re-examines clichéd cultural stereotypes, with the intention of revealing new perspectives from Australians today.

Premiering at the AGIdeas 2010 International Design Week,  the launch of The Inaugural Australia Project Exhibition occurs at the C3 Contemporary Art Space on Wednesday April 28 at 6:00pm.

Encompassing a selection of contemporary interpretations from Australia’s most talented creatives, the exhibition includes work from:

Michael Hall, Mimmo Cozzolino, The Glue Society, David Lancashire, 3 Deep Design, Kevin Finn and Ghostpatrol.

New and existing works from The Australia Project’s community based initiatives will also be on display, whilst co-curators Chris Edser, Scott Heinrich and Yianni Hill offer further insights as to the project’s progression, rationale and future direction.

Summit Of The Minds will be exhibiting their latest social campaign alongside current and ex-Fabricanti: Elliott Burford, Chris Edser, Christian Ghezzi, Scott Heinrich, Yianni Hill, Jesse Marlow and Kingston Trinder.

For more info visit:

Campus Party Europe

Tomorrow April 14th starts in Madrid this year’s edition of Campus Party in Europe. Around 800 guests from the 27 European Union nations were invited to come discuss, tinker, create and associate. The event will be held at Caja Mágica and can be followed at or, in a more personal level, on Twitter hash tags are #cpartyeu or #campuspartyeu. See you there.

Hyper Island Open House (pics)



Lecture with Hyper's CEO

Lecture with Hyper's CEO

Hyper Island halls

Hyper Island halls

Q&A session with students

Q&A session with students

Guests around for lecture

Guests around for lecture

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