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Fab Juice

Another Fabrica student, for your pleasure.


My dears this is the final in the recent three part series of Fab Juice. We are off on holiday for the month of August, and yours truly is on her way back to London. After a weird and wonderful year, it’s now time to go back home. Before signing off, I would like to wish guys the best for your holidays, but first of all have fun listening to Elliott Burford of the design department.


Ciao Tutti,


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Fab Juice

Hello folks, another day, another FJ!


Today’s interview is with Paulo Barcelos of the interactive department. He’s talking about his new project, Colours of Movement, which has just being installed in one of the Benetton shop windows in Milan. So my dears, watch the video first before listening to the pod cast.


Have a good weekend all!

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Fab Juice

I am jesus

Top of the morning folks!

For those of you lovely people who have ever wondered what life in Fabrica is like, well wonder no more. I bring you Fab Juice! Listen to the students talk about their work, life and aspirations.
In the first edition of FJ, Valerie Gudenus and Heloisa Sartorato from the video department, are talking about their latest documentary, I am Jesus.


P.s…Apologies for certain echos in the sound, this is what happens when a girl like me is armed with a garage band :)

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Dont argue with an ibex

[youtube TugslL45aXk]

Rouge magazine

for those who like their cinema with a little theory:

Open-Source fonts

(This post is dedicated to ASD)

While wading through Typekit’s libraries, I found this tag:

and the lovely Old Standard:

Alexey Kruykov has also made some other fonts, all available under the Open Font License:

Regex Dictionary by Lou Hevly

Steve Gardner’s views on Punk LPs

Stand on Zanzibar

is a book I read a long time ago. It is good:

The Harinezumi

is quite a camera:

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